City League: Game On! Not Rumours

We have received several emails asking if there will be City League play for the particular divisions this year.  While we continue to push our registration drive for the month of March, we can confirm that we have enough players to form City League teams in Peanut Soft Lax (3-4), Paperweight (5-6), & Tyke (7-8) & Novice (9-10).  The Peewee (11-12), Bantam (13-14) & Midget (15-16) still require more registrations to form teams, but we will have options for players in those age groups as we moved through the month of March.  Once we near the beginning of the season, we will know what options we can use.  Please note: our goal is to have Oshawa kids play lacrosse in their hometown.

If you have heard rumours, forget 'em.  Register your players.  Get them to tell their friends and neighbours and encourage them to register as well.  The more players that register early will determine what we can do.  

We have a fun City League planned for 2020, so sign up early!